Solar in distant lands

New deployment, development and production in Fiji, El Salvador, Brazil, Lithuania, and Turkey underscore solar’s increasing geographic diversity. As followers and fans of the Curator know, I love finding new and unexpected locales where solar power has been deployed and manufactured.

Hand-picked solar industry news & commentary

Happy Days For U.S. Solar Big Dogs

After boffo quarters, SunPower moves to add production capacity while First Solar makes serious manufacturing cost reduction, efficiency progress.

The commercial embrace of solar

New report underscores surge in solar PV installations in the U.S. business community When I was growing up, if someone said, “he means business,”

Solar-powered suds

South Coast Solar’s video toasts Abita Brewing PV installation job in Louisiana
Two of my favorite market disruptions–solar power and craft

Big-numbered solar

Solana starts commercial operation, Topaz crosses the five-million module mark, SolarCity plops down big bucks for Zep, a grand solar day in the life of German renewable

Solar commodification and hydrogen passivation

BNEP’s Jenny Chase sees solar as a commodity, while UNSW’s Stuart Wenham touts processing technology that offers low-cost differentiation Two leading lights

EMP and solar PV in the same breath

Protecting from electromagnetic pulse events in solar installations, using satellites to help operate and maintain isolated PV power plants Solar photovoltaic

Solar Decathlon state of mind

A brief tribute to this year’s inspirational and aspirational solar-powered sustainability competition IRVINE, CA–The 19 homes in this year’s Solar Decathlon competition share many commonalities: the aspirational names, the recycled

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